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What is a Ceremonial Rental Casket?

Ceremonial rental caskets can be a great option for families who prefer cremation but still want to have a traditional funeral service. It's a temporary casket that is used during the ceremony and then the inner insert, where the departed is placed for viewing, can be removed and then the shell can be potentially reused. This is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Designed with Funeral Directors in Mind

Starmark ceremonial rental caskets provide an affordable solution for bereaved families to hold full services.
You will find valuable easy-to-use features:

Placing J-channel interior fabric into a rental casket

J-channel Interior ensures easy positioning every time.

replacing a head panel of a casket

Replaceable Head Panels allow for damaged head panels to be easily replaced.

gas spring support for the head lid of a casket

Gas Spring Lid Supports provide a durable, smooth, and controlled opening.

View of rollerbed inside the bottom of a rental casket

Adjustable Bed Systems make inserting and positioning effortless.


Of the funeral homes surveyed, 91% offer the option of a ceremonial rental casket. 

*According to 2023 Starmark Ceremonial Rental Casket Insights Survey Respondents


Approximately 34% of families who opt for cremation choose to utilize a rental casket.

*According to 2023 Starmark Ceremonial Rental Casket Insights Survey Respondents

Ceremonial Rental Casket Inserts

Starmark ceremonial rental inserts are designed to minimize storage and shipping space, helping you save on transportation and storage expenses. Rental inserts are available in crepe or velvet interior fabric and can be purchased in an optional range of widths. Additionally, Starmark offers a wood-based insert that is great for oversize rental caskets.

Rental Casket Inserts

Starmark Offers Rental Inserts for All National Brands
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