Four (4) Unit Minimum

A small skid of 4 Starmark Units as shipped

In order to provide the best pricing possible we require a MINIMUM of 4 units per skid.

A unit is any of our single unit products (not full skids) such as the TransPorter®, Harmony, Harmony Deluxe, Nature’s Way, Rental Inserts, Air and Combo Trays.

You can however mix and match single units as you like but we require 4 units before you can check out.

The following Starmark products apply to the
4 unit minimum rule:

Coverlet 2-packs (counts as 1 shipped unit), TransPorters, Harmony, Harmony Deluxe, Harmony Deluxe Oversize, Air Trays, Combo Trays, Rental Inserts and Safeways. Safeways are only available in 4 PACKS, which count as ONE shipped unit.

The addition of any single one of these products to your cart will cause an error when trying to check out.