Presentation means everything.

Intuitively designed for witnessing, identification viewings, and private farewells.

Introducing the Chaise Bed Viewer® by Starmark - the perfect product for Funeral Directors who want to provide cremation families with a dignified way to identify their loved ones during ID viewings or private farewells. This innovative product is designed to be an economical option for final goodbyes, without compromising on quality.

Built to Last™ Features

The Chaise Bed Viewer® is durable and built to last, providing a reliable and high-quality viewing experience for years to come.

Chaise Bed Viewer with Foot End Open

The Hinged Foot End Door conveniently provides access for easy insert removal.

J-Channel Insert

Interiors are perfectly positioned with the easy-fit J-Channel interior system.

Rollers at bottom of Chaise Bed Viewer

Positioning the inserts is simplified and easy with the interior roller bed system.

Touch Up Kit for Chaise Bed Viewer

Touch-Up kits are included to keep your Chaise Bed Viewer looking new.


We have had a great experience with the Bed Viewers. They look nice, families appreciate the quality, and we will definitely continue purchasing.


Preparation Managers and Funeral Directors at Hamilton's Funeral Home

As Featured in Funeral Business Solutions

Discover the Starmark Chaise Bed Viewer, showcased as the cover story in Funeral Business Solutions magazine. Delve into the inspiration behind its distinctive design, its transformative impact on the industry, and the thoughtful features tailored specifically for Funeral Directors.

Featured Options and Choices

Chaise Bed Viewer Foot Cover

Foot Cover

The optional Chaise Bed Viewer® Foot Cover is designed to provide a gentle and dignified way to soften the appearance during a viewing. Made from high-quality fiberboard construction, this foot cover is both sturdy and durable.

Chaise Bed Viewer Insert made from kraft cardboard with interior arranged for a private viewing. Shown without a lid. The words Handle with care human remains are printed on the side of the cremation container box.


The Bed Viewer Insert is specifically designed to fit the Chaise Bed Viewer® and is made from durable fiberboard. The Insert features an adjustable rosetan crepe overlapping shroud interior and a leak-resistant liner.

Oversize Chaise Bed Viewer


The Chaise Bed Viewer is also available in Oversize to accommodate varying needs.

A wood-based rental insert is custom-designed to ensure a durable fit for every situation.

Color Choices

Select from a range of three wood tones or explore our diverse selection of four stunning metallic paint options.

Optional Swingbar

Choose between a model featuring a sleek swingbar for a classic touch, or one without for a contemporary, minimalist look.

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