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Oversize Metal and Hardwood Caskets

Oversize metal and hardwood caskets offer enhanced space and durability. Metal caskets provide superior protection in various finishes for personalization. Hardwood caskets, crafted from rich woods like oak or pine, provide timeless elegance and natural beauty. They have sturdy construction and biodegradable properties for an environmentally friendly option. Both types allow for a dignified tribute, accommodating diverse preferences.

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Oversize Metal

Oversize metal burial caskets provide a spacious and durable option, crafted to accommodate larger dimensions while ensuring lasting protection and a respectful resting place.

  • Blue metal burial casket with light blue velvet interior.

Eternity - 28" Oversize (2 Colors)

18 Gauge / Gasketed

Blue or White
Crepe Interior
  • White metal burial casket with velvet interior

Gloria - 27" Oversize

18 Gauge / Gasketed

Antique White Shaded Silver Rose
Pink Crepe Interior
  • Silver metal burial casket with white velvet interior

Grayson - 27" Oversize

18 Gauge / Gasketed

Silver Shaded Ebony Finish
White Crepe Interior
Oversize Hardwood

Starmark offers a variety of Oversize Hardwood Caskets ranging from the convenient 29" Meadow that fits inside a standard vault to the unique Mesa that ranges in size up to 52" interior width.

  • A weathered oak finish with a duck cloth tailored interior and a barn scene displayed in the head panel

Barnwood™ Oak 29" Oversize

Weathered Gray Finish
Duck Cloth Tailored Interior
  • Oversized hardwood burial casket made from select wood with a satin finish, displayed open with a rosetan crepe tailored interior

Meadow™ Select 27" Oversize

Canyon Brown, Cherry Mahogany or Walnut Finish
Rosetan Crepe Tailored Interior with a Crescent Head Panel
  • Oversized hardwood burial casket made from select wood with a canyon brown satin finish, displayed open with a rosetan crepe shirred interior

Mesa™ Select Oversize (8 Sizes Available)

Canyon Brown Finish
Rosetan Crepe Shirred Interior with a Shirred Head Panel
  • Hardwood burial casket made from select wood with a deep chestnut satin finish, displayed open with a crème brûlée basketweave tailored interior

Nakota™ Select 29" Oversize

Deep Chestnut Finish
Crème Brûlée Basketweave Tailored Interior with a Sunray Head Panel
  • Hardwood Burial Casket made from Hickory with a light brown finish, displayed open with a Rosetan Crepe Shirred Interior

Woodland™ Hickory 29" Oversize

Special Pecan Finish
Arbutus Velvet Shirred Interior with a Double Fan Head Panel

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